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Ontario Wind Resistance - Wolfe Island, Ontario Wind Turbines

Ask at Town Meeting: Where is our wind ordinance? Suggestions from Maine residents.
March 01, 2017

River Residents Against Turbines (River RATs) is a community voice dedicated to preserving the health, economy, environment, beauty, and culture of the 1000 Islands by opposing the Horse Creek Wind Project.


Once turbines arrive, say goodbye to peace, quiet.  Chateaugay resident's experience.

May 3, 2017
Officials made town residents their priority

April 5, 2017
Opinion: town board needs to figure out PILOT plan, says Parishville resident

March 28, 2017

Opinion: Under my Luci light in Parishville

March 22, 2017

Opinion: wind turbines are politically motivated energy goal, says Parishville resident

March 16, 2017
Opinion: put differences aside on wind tower matter, say Parishville couple

Opinion: Unite against wind turbine company, says Fort Jackson

Opinion: Wind towers expensive, damage roads and bridges, says Colton resident

No do-overs once wind turbines are OK’d

Wind turbines not worth the price we’ll pay

Another Voice: New technology will revolutionize energy industry

DPS Public Comments / North Ridge Project filings for case number: 16-F-0268

Opinion: Stand together in battle against wind turbines, says Hopkinton resident | North Country Now | March 3, 2017

Wind energy not as green as people believe

Concerned citizens for rural preservation

We are a volunteer group of citizens providing information about the Industrial Wind Farm project that is proposed in Hopkinton and Parishville, NY.

CCRP is a group of neighbors, friends, local government people and business owners from the Parishville Hopkinton NY area who research to the best of our ability, information about INDUSTRIAL WIND POWER and then try to inform the local public about any realities involved with Industrial Wind projects.

We believe that ALL members of the community should be protected and fully informed when Industrial Wind projects are under consideration. We strongly support the principal of HOME RULE in our New York State Constitution, and insist upon our right to control the future of our towns and counties.

We hope you will join us to educate, communicate and advocate to keep our homes livable, our towns friendly and our future rural. We do not require dues or membership fees. However we do encourage you to sign our petitions, attend public meetings to speak your mind, contact us for yard signs and spread the word to relatives, neighbors and friends.

Give us a call 315-265-2404
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To submit your comments to DPS visit the DPS comments page

What you need to know about Industrial Wind Farms

Northern NY Wind


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