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What's inside a wind turbine?

2010 video, basic components


With the accumulation of the QUIETLY signed leases from land owners, industrial energy developers have been and are currently planning the fundamental transformation of small rural towns without zoning throughout NY state... All without you and other community members even being aware of it.

For over 10 years New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) has published various white paper and energy tool kit guides that have been authored along with energy industry players using your tax dollars. They lay out how developer “prospecting” and your town’s zoning, or lack there of, play a crucial role in a developer deciding to target your small rural town.

Since 2011 “Major electric generating facilities larger than 25 MW are sited according to New York State’s Article 10 law.”

An industrial energy lease (along with so called good neighbor agreements) give the wind or solar developer control of the property and excludes the property owner from any say in the developer’s planned use. Grouped together, these leases allow a corporation, not individual property owners, to control a very large tract of land in a town. And remember, there is always an expansion to push up with taller turbines and out to adjacent properties and towns, there is never one "project phase" and done.

As a result, now your new “small town” neighbor will be a large corporate tenant and industrial power plant.

Then, after construction, when you want to discuss any problems (for instance noise compliance) with your new corporate neighbor EVERYONE will be required to telephone the corporation’s 1-800 complaint resolution telephone line located elsewhere in the country to speak with someone you do not know.

We urge you to protect your town now from the many negative health, environmental and economic impacts of an industrial energy project. Your town board must pass a moratorium on industrial energy development to allow them time to research and write protective wind and solar laws. Do not allow a developer or the state, using Article 10, to erode home rule in our small communities of the North Country.  Here's why...

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trespass zoning

Beware, typically a "Good Neighbor Agreement" silences the property owner from publicly expressing any regrets.

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Adirondack Park ALERT!

What to expect when construction starts... Arkwright, NY

beware good neighbor agreements

How noise trespassing occurs on your property. Effecting your family's health and well being.

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Urge your local government to adopt a Moratorium on wind and solar development to allow them time to research and create laws that will protect you from many negative health, environmental, and economic impacts.



UPDATE:  APA public comment deadline extended to December 10th, 2018.

What's inside a wind turbine?

Dear Neighbor,
Are you aware the APA has quietly made a move toward embracing industrial wind and solar development inside the Blue Line in their November 9, 2018, “Policy on Renewable Energy Production and Energy Supply Guidance” document? We believe the impact of this decision would scar the Adirondacks forever.

Weigh in on this extremely important issue regarding the future of the Adirondacks at Although the deadline for comments is December 3rd, don’t be dissuaded from voicing your concerns.

Please, learn what Governor Cuomo’s "50 by 30" goal really means for the North Country and the Adirondacks. We encourage you to further research each topic presented on this website to better educate yourself, your friends and family. Support the principle of Home Rule in our NYS Constitution, and insist upon your right to control the future of your towns and counties. Your northern neighbors from Hopkinton and Parishville fought this battle for over 2 years.

Urge your local government to adopt a Moratorium on wind and solar development to allow them time to research and create laws that will protect you from many negative health, environmental, and economic impacts.

We believe all members of every community should be protected and fully informed whenever large wind and solar projects are under consideration.

April 9, 2019
The Adirondacks, America's Original Wilderness



submit comments to the APA

January 28, 2019
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