St. Lawrence County Ag and Farmland Protection Board Renewable Energy Workshop


January 8, 2018
Malone town officials set forum on proposed solar farm process


potsdam, ny

did you know...

Fall 2017

Malone Town Board meeting


Malone, NY


Franklin Solar, an example of an industrial solar project which is subject to NY's Article 10 law. The following documents were submitted by F.A.R.M., a citizens group in northern New York, to the DPS for Case No. 17-F-0602, the proposed 950 acre solar electric generating facility in Malone, NY by developer Geronimo Energy. 

Know and understand the ramifications of such projects to help educate yourself, family, friends and neighbors, and to protect your town:

- Statement, from the Franklin County Agricultural & Farmland Protection Board.

#1 Malone - FARM 12-22-17.pdf

- Effects on the Adirondack Trail Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan.

#2 Malone - FARM 1-12-18.pdf

-Ramifications to highly productive soils and farms.

#3 Malone - FARM 2-21-18.pdf

- Understanding soil, and why re-purposing prime agricultural farmland for solar energy is not wise. Also heat, ecological traps & polarized light pollution (PLP).

#4 Malone - FARM 3-31-18.pdf

-Industrial equipment and noise.

#5 Malone - FARM 4-8-18.pdf

- PV panel glare and solar glare hazard.

#6 Malone - FARM 4-19-18.pdf

- Decommissioning the solar panels, lots of them, at the end of the project... hazardous waste?

#7 Malone - FARM 5-5-18.pdf



local example: produces 13.2% of nameplate capacity

system requires


Battery Storage Fire

6 acres of land


November 13, 2017, Potsdam NY

St. Lawrence County Ag and Farmland Protection Board including discussion of leases.

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Renewable Energy Workshop slides 


New York State Wind Energy Generation by Project: 2009-2018

Next generation industrial wind and solar facilities will have battery storage. Hawaiian wind energy plant battery storage fire


3,000 to 4,000 panels



source: excerpt from

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New York State Wind Energy Generation by Project: 2009-2018

to build

source: NYSERDA

Malone NY Town Board Meeting
Article 10 discussion at Malone Board Meeting

Large scale solar is an invasive industry unwilling to pay taxes. Much like large-scale industrial wind projects in New York State, industrialized solar projects pose some of the same concerns for small rural communities including, but not limited to, the erosion of home rule, loss of the area's rural character, subsidizing projects with your hard earned wages paid as taxes, electric ratepayer mandates and PILOTs, and jeopardizing large swaths of fertile agricultural land... solar energy “farms” are not agriculture.


February 15, 2019
Worse than Amazon: Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion just went bust (solar panel plant)

December 19, 2018
The ‘100 Percent Renewable Energy’ Claim

January 13, 2018
NYSERDA official: solar projects won’t work with heavy taxation

September 25, 2014
Solar Panels Create Noise Nuisance in Edgartown

Battery Storage Fire



of land accommodate

capacity factor

will cost

understanding scale

The net capacity factor of a power plant is the ratio of its actual output over a period of time, to its potential output if it were possible for it to operate at full nameplate capacity continuously over the same period of time. To calculate the capacity factor, take the total amount of energy the plant produced during a period of time and divide by the amount of energy the plant would have produced at full capacity. Capacity factors vary greatly depending on the type of fuel that is used and the design of the plant. The capacity factor should not be confused with the availability factor, capacity credit (firm capacity) or with efficiency.

One reason for reduced capacity factor is that a plant may not have the fuel available to operate all of the time. 
When the sun isn’t shining, solar PV cannot produce electricity.  When the wind is not blowing, wind turbines cannot produce electricity. Solar PV and wind turbines have a capacity factor limited by the availability of their “fuel”, sunshine and wind respectively.

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January 24, 2018

Malone Town Board meeting with Article 10 presentation

What you need to know about Industrial Wind Farms


March 29, 2019
Physics Reveals ‘Green’ Energy Sources Are Unrealistic And Unsustainable:  “You have to recognize what Mother Nature, the physics, permits and doesn’t permit."

Urge your local government to adopt a Moratorium on wind and solar development to allow them time to research and create laws that will protect you from many negative health, environmental, and economic impacts.

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